About Lisa Remillard | Journalist, ProMedia Coaching, BEONDTV

Meet Lisa

The spark in youis what drives me.

Keeping you informed thorough THE NEWS GIRL channels and BEONDTV or helping business owners, executives and entrepreneurs overcome their on-camera fears so they can tell their own stories through PROMEDIA COACHING is what drives me. I love seeing that spark in you. Whether it’s because you’ve learned something new through one of my videos or if it’s because your on-camera confidence has finally clicked in because of my coaching…it all makes me happy.
About Lisa Remillard - Journalist
About Lisa Remillard - Journalist
About Lisa Remillard

My Story

I told my mom when I was 4 years old I wanted to be a “reporter on TV.” And that’s exactly what I did. My childhood dream turned into an almost 20-year career as a two-time Emmy nominated broadcast journalist in some of the largest cities in the country. I’ve covered some of the biggest stories, interviewed people from all walks of life, from famous to infamous, and have appeared on outlets from CNN to TMZ and everything in between.
I’m now the co-founder of BeondTV a digital network for cool, curated content and the co-host of my own Los Angeles based TV show “Carlos and Lisa.” Through my company ProMedia Coaching, I am able to use my storytelling abilities and on-camera expertise to teach entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring journalists how to tell their own stories effectively on camera so they can communicate with their ideal audiences. Let me help you too.

Get Over your on-camera fear.

“Help! I don’t know what to talk about on video.” “I’m scared of what people will say.” “Ugh. Do I really look like that on Zoom?”

I hear it all the time. But you CAN get over it! If you’re not telling your own story with video and posting it in the right places to promote your business, service or product… you’re missing out.

Don’t stress. I got you. Let’s fix all of that in 30 days.
About Lisa Remillard - Journalist, ProMedia Coaching, BeondTV

Be informed. entertained.

If you’ve seen me on social media, HI! Welcome to lisaremillard.com. You can always find my daily FAST FACTS videos posted here. If you’ve seen me on TV somewhere across this country, good to see you again! Catch my most recent TV interviews and clips from “Carlos and Lisa” here too.
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